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New York’s Association of Proprietary Colleges (APC) congratulates Governor Kathy Hochul on her first State of the State address. Governor Hochul has laid out an ambitious agenda for 2022 at a time when New York faces significant challenges from the ongoing pandemic to shifts in the economy and an overall labor shortage.

One of the key ways to ensure that New York continues to have a strong economic recovery is through investment into higher education and workforce-training initiatives that create a pipeline of qualified New Yorkers aligned to local jobs and industry. Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers have achieved their academic and professional aspirations with support from the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). We are encouraged by the Governor’s investment in students, by proposing critical changes to the TAP program that would expand access for part-time students.

Keeping college affordable is a priority for APC members.  Proposals for loan forgiveness or scholarship opportunities in teaching, health care or emerging industries are positive ways to encourage working adults or paraprofessionals to re-enter higher education with a goal of advancing their career.  It is also a proven way to improve diversity and equity for those who are historically under-represented. 

We urge the Governor to expand part-time TAP and state supported grant and scholarship programs to students at ALL New York colleges. 

On behalf of all of the APC member institutions, we wish Governor Hochul great success in the coming year, and look forward to being active and engaged partners in support of her higher education and workforce agenda.