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“On behalf the Association of Private Colleges (APC), we are deeply disappointed in the lack of support for our students, and private education overall in the recently enacted New York State Budget. In a year of record revenue and Federal support, the Governor and members of the Legislature missed an excellent opportunity to help ALL low-income students in New York State achieve a college degree more affordably.


New York State has a long standing history of treating public and private institutions of higher education equally and this parity has created a robust educational system that benefits all students.  However, this year’s budget represents a significant deviation from that long-standing tradition of equitable support. By excluding the proprietary sector from part-time TAP some 2800 low-income students will be at a tremendous disadvantage. While we appreciate the support of the Legislature in years past, including raising the maximum award in the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) in 2022, we struggle to understand why they would not build on that commitment in this year’s budget.


As we move forward, APC will continue to fight for access to financial aid for the 26,000 students our member colleges serve.  The first generation, low-income and minority students attending APC member colleges deserve our support and should not be left behind simply because of the type of institution they choose to attend.  We look forward to working with the legislature on making New York State’s commitment to ALL low-income students a top priority.”