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The closing of ASA College marks the end of a tumultuous period for its students, faculty and staff. While ASA was not a member of the Association of Private Colleges (APC), we are deeply concerned for their students. Whenever a college closes, even under the most orderly circumstances, it creates uncertainty and hardship for students and staff. For the faculty and staff, they are now left to try and find another position in a challenging hiring market. The students, who were simply pursing a degree, now need to navigate the process of trying to finish their program at another college and determining which credits transfer and many other complicated issues.

APC does not condone the actions that led to ASA’s closure. Further, we believe that New York’s rigorous regulatory environment that holds all sectors of higher education to an equal standard is working properly when its oversight holds institutions like ASA accountable. Several of APC’s member colleges are working with the New York State Education Department to assist ASA students as they navigate the process of finishing their degree programs.

New York State Department of Education is maintaining the following website with information related to ASA’s closure: