* Preliminary Enhanced Tuition Award numbers are out: As of Tuesday, 1,901 students were notified that they are eligible for the award. Another 1,893 were deemed ineligible and 17 students declined it, according to Cuomo’s office. Politico NY reports: http://snip.ly/hwnpp

* In an Opinion column in The Hechinger Report, Brian W. Jones, president of Strayer University asks can ‘risk-share’ financial aid models reverse some ‘alarming data’ on student completion rates? http://snip.ly/4xw6h

* How a ‘new’ GI Bill may shape tomorrow’s education-to-employment pipeline. Ed Surge reports: http://snip.ly/5h5i6

* GOP seeks to shift accountability for colleges. Inside Higher Ed reports: http://snip.ly/faeqp

* College and the end of upward mobility. The Chronicle of Higher Education writes: http://snip.ly/52brv

* Higher Education Act proposal primes fight over future of colleges. The Wall Street Journal reports: http://snip.ly/7hzrm

* The dreaded FAFSA form is going mobile. The Market Place reports: http://snip.ly/h555h

* Want to search earnings for English majors by college? You can’t. The New York Times reports: http://snip.ly/m9tm5

* The Education Department signals possible changes to Gainful-Employment. Inside Higher Ed reports: http://snip.ly/6pv2j


The College of Westchester helps students with the stress of finals, providing a hot breakfast: http://snip.ly/8yi9h

Monroe College president gives pies to staff for Thanksgiving. News 12 The Bronx reports: http://snip.ly/ucjo4