*The Link Between Completion and Loan Repayment. Inside Higher Ed reports: https://bit.ly/2OnYTb7

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* Making the case for higher ed in a job-focused world. Inside Higher Ed reports: http://snip.ly/sigye

* The Justice Department to take on affirmative action in college admissions. The New York Times reports: http://snip.ly/p0840

* The Hechinger Report – Colleges say they could lower tuition if they could talk to each other about it. The Hechinger Report writes: http://snip.ly/cclg9

* According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, to earn higher grades, students should set their goals on the shorter-term, more tangible parts of a class. Inside Higher Ed reports: http://snip.ly/aqs20

* National University is working to create a personalized education platform that combines three of the buzziest innovations in higher education — adaptive learning, competency-based learning and predictive analytics for student retention. Inside Higher Ed reports: http://snip.ly/wl78o

* Year-round Pell restoration is a great first step when it comes to student access and attainment writes Susan Johnson and Zakiya Smith of the Lumina Foundation. The piece issued by Evolllution: http://snip.ly/lzbwq

* Cost-conscious families are choosing in-state colleges. US News & World Report writes: http://snip.ly/gc76t

* Apprenticeship programs are gaining momentum. Diverse Issues in Higher Education reports: http://snip.ly/faah4

* The House Higher Education and Workforce Development Subcommittee last week heard from companies and programs that use the apprenticeship model to train workers for open positions. Community College Daily reports: http://snip.ly/chdnk

* What’s the secret of Merrimack’s success? The Huffington Post reports: http://snip.ly/hl9hg

* The U.S. Education Department has not approved any applications for student-loan forgiveness in cases of possible fraud since President Donald Trump took officeThe Associated Press reports: http://snip.ly/d2eod


* A new animated series ‘OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes’ created by SVA Animation Department alum Ian Jones-Quartey premiered last night on Cartoon Network! http://snip.ly/ydo0k

LIM College alumni Brandon Coates, Class of 2010, was recently featured in Esquire magazine to talk about his clothing line, which debuted at NYFW last year. You can view his interview here: http://snip.ly/qy0xo

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*Education Dept.’s Deregulation Push Gets Mixed Reviews. Inside Higher Ed reports: https://bit.ly/2OxCn05

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* The number of colleges and universities eligible to award federal financial aid dropped by 5.6 percent in 2016-17. The vast majority of disappearing institutions were for-profit colleges, but more than 30 private nonprofits were among them. Inside Higher Ed reports: http://snip.ly/wjn0s

* House GOP budget hints at changes to Pell. Inside Higher Ed reports: http://snip.ly/kho2v

* The GI Bill update, the first since 2011, removes 15-year time limit for benefits and awards semester of aid to veterans affected by closures of for-profit colleges. Inside Higher Ed reports: http://snip.ly/bnpeq

* Student debt may be reducing home ownership. Inside Higher Ed writes: http://snip.ly/65klx

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Monroe College offers new undergraduate degree program in computer networks and cybersecurity: http://bit.ly/2vlhZFQ

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