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* The U.S. Department of Education has finalized a rule that clarifies how colleges become authorized to offer online programs to students in other states. But the rule is by all indications is DOA (dead on arrival). Inside Higher Ed reports:

* Not-for-profit, baccalaureate-granting colleges have become considerably more diverse in the past 50 years. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports:

 * Federal aid cut to for-profit law school, Charlotte School of Law. Inside Higher Ed reports:

* College enrollment drops 1.4 percent as adults head back to work. The Wall Street Journal writes:

* Should colleges be on the hook for some of the loan money their students don’t pay back? Market Watch reports:

* Senators push for mass student loan forgiveness before Trump takes office. BuzzFeed News reports:

* The Chronicle of Higher Education takes a look at how politics tends to shape higher-education regulations:

* Why are so many students failing to find good jobs after college? The Washington Post reports:

* Congress is likely to consider reining in student-loan programs. Rep. Virginia Foxx said the government has made it too easy for students and their parents to borrow too much, in turn driving up prices. The Wall Street Journal reports:


* Feds kick off loan counseling experiment on select college campuses. Monroe College is the only for-profit institution selected for the pilot program. The Washington Post reports:

LIM College student, Olivia Phenix, showcases her fashion skills in designing and installing a holiday window display for the New York City Garment District Alliance. The Newtown Bee reports:

* The Berkeley College Online team sent approximately 100 clay “Hearts of Hope” to the Robert and Audrey Luckow Pavilion, a cancer treatment and support center at Valley Hospital. The Paramus Daily Voice reports:

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* U.S. Department of Education unveiled the latest set of requirements in its ongoing process to select new companies to service the loans of tens of millions of federal student loan borrowers once the current contracts expire in 2019. The Center for American Progress reports:

* Inside Higher Ed writes that the U.S. Department of Education is racing to review claims of defrauded students before the next administration takes over.

* A group of 30 top colleges and universities want to enroll more low-income students. Inside Higher Ed reports:

* According to a new Gallup poll, college grads are unhappy with the career services they’re getting. The Hechinger Report writes:

* Education secretary drops recognition of accreditor. Inside Higher Ed reports:

* Student-debt forgiveness irks some borrowers. The Wall Street Journal reports:

* Education Week takes a look at education issues Congress faces in the next session:

* Twenty-one and in high school: A Hechinger Report series about how “last chance” high schools are pioneering some of the latest trends in high school reform:

* Higher education is failing older Americans. Forbes writes:

* Time reports on ways to make America’s economy great again:

* Barely half of 30-year-olds earn more than their parents, The Wall Street Journal reports:

* US News & World Report shares what employers are saying about online, competency-based degrees:


* In a recent interview with WWD, LIM College alumnus and member of LIM’s Fashion Industry Advisory Board, Doug Jakubowski, discusses how his LIM College education helped prepare him for success:

Bryant & Stratton College’s Snow-A-Palooza gets Malta families in the Christmas spirit. The Saratogian reports:

*In case you missed it (ICYMI) is a weekly e-newsletter designed to bring you the big higher education news you might have missed. Look for it every Wednesday!*


* Colleges face a new reality, as the number of high schools graduates will decline. The Hechinger Report writes:

* The Obama administration is trying to smooth path back to school for jailed students. The Hechinger Report writes:

* The salary information site PayScale has released data comparing average entry-level salaries to mid-career compensation, looking 10 years out after graduation. The data reveals the college majors with the fastest and slowest growing earnings, Forbes reports:

* North Carolina Republican Virginia Foxx named Chair of House Education Committee. Inside Higher Ed reports:

* Why for-profit colleges are undaunted by the Trump University case. The Atlantic reports:

* Enrollment at for-profit graduate schools quintupled between the 2000-2001 and 2014-2015 academic years, according to an analysis published by the Center for American Progress, a left-leaning think tank. Market Watch reports:

* Experts wary of Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary. Diverse Issues in Higher Ed reports:


* A Five Times College professor receives the Jean Dalrymple Award:

Monroe College hosts its 28th annual holiday celebration for the children of students, faculty, and staff. IT Business Net reports:

Berkeley College School of Graduate Studies Dean Chris Grevesen talks global business and the Berkeley MBA  program in NJBIZ:

*In case you missed it (ICYMI) is a weekly e-newsletter designed to bring you the big higher education news you might have missed. Look for it every Wednesday!*


* The NY Times reports on where Donald Trump stands on school choice, student debt and common core:

* What is Obama’s higher education legacy? eCampus News reports:

* More than 90 college and university presidents have signed a statement calling for the continuation and expansion of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. A program that President-elect Donald J. Trump has said he would end. Inside Higher Ed reports:

* The rising stock prices of for-profits mean — and what they don’t mean. Inside Higher Ed’s Matt Reed writes:

* A Congressional Research Service memo indicates regulations finalized after May 30 will be subject to expedited review by Congress. Inside Higher Ed reports:

* Closing the gap between college career services and employers. University Business writes:

* Forbes Editorial: It’s Time For A Quality Alternative To College Accreditation:

American Counsel on Education’s Jon Fansmith looks at the available evidence to see what the next four years might bring. Higher Education Today writes:


JBC runs successful ‘Think Positive, Be Positive’ campaign. The Post-Journal reports: (subscription required)

Berkeley College mourns passing of Chairman Emeritus, the Hudson Valley News Network reports:

* Liz Rodbell, one of the few to break through retailing’s glass ceiling, will keynote LIM College commencement. WWD reports:

* Trump victory jolts higher ed. American Council on Education congratulates president-elect. Inside Higher Ed reports:

* Trump’s surprise victory sends shock through higher Ed. The Chronicle of Higher Education writes:

* Why for-profit colleges converting to nonprofit status is less nefarious than you think. writes:

 * Democrats, higher education groups and consumer advocates renew their push for Congress to restore year-round Pell Grants, writes Inside Higher Ed

* The Chronicle of Higher Education asks, “What if a president really did shut down the Department of Education?”

* A Forbes editorial looks at how a culture of innovation on campus can solve the college graduation gap:

* Inside Higher Ed reports on TeensTalk, an annual survey that takes an in-depth look at the college search and selection preferences of college freshmen and high school students preparing to apply to college:

* Americans increasingly mistrustful of college costs, leadership, and value. The Hechinger Report writes:

* Reading the tea leaves as student debt increases. TheStreet reports:

* Phoenix sale delayed, not dead. Inside Higher Ed reports:

* A collection of consumer groups, labor unions, and student loan servicers call for more income-driven repayment for student-loan debt. Good Call, Education News writes:


* President of Hudson’s Bay and Lord & Taylor to give keynote address at LIM College’s 2017 Commencement Ceremony:

* The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Westchester, recently hosted their 2nd annual educational event, “Let’s Talk – The Road Ahead.” The event provided an opportunity for parents, students and educators to discuss on how to prepare for life after high school with mental illness. The College of Westchester NAMI Campus Club President, Latiefah Stewart and Associate Director of Health & Wellness at Monroe CollegeKelsey McCausland, participated in a panel discussion:

*In case you missed it (ICYMI) is a weekly e-newsletter designed to bring you the big higher education news you might have missed. Look for it every Wednesday!*