The Association of Proprietary Colleges Announces Video Series Highlighting Student Graduates, Their Employment and Achievement in New York State

The Business Council of New York State, Inc. Endorses APC College Graduate Success in Recent Opinion Piece, Available Online Here

The Association of Proprietary Colleges (APC) today announced a series of videos to be released ahead of 2019 Advocacy Day that highlight stories of local business executives who rely on APC graduates to fill critical positions within their companies. The video series coincides with an opinion piece placed recently by Business Council of New York State President & CEO Heather Briccetti. The piece, which printed in the Westchester Business Journal the week of Monday, March 4, reinforces the importance of APC students, their ability to meet employment needs in communities across New York, and their contributions to the state’s diverse business climate.

APC colleges strive to provide their more than 26,000 students the opportunity to achieve educational excellence by delivering access to a range of degrees and ensuring higher education-related debt remains low.

In turn, these students earn an education through a fulfilling experience at APC member colleges. These colleges leverage relationships with local business communities to help connect students with career opportunities in New York State.

The following are part of APC’s video series:

At LIM College in Midtown Manhattan, students earn degrees in the business of fashion. Recruiters and former students discuss why graduates continue to be hired within the industry in a video available here.

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At the College of Westchester (CW), students graduate with degrees in programs such as business, accounting, digital media and technology. CW graduates, who are now employees of Krasdale Foods, discuss their tenure with the organization and the positive relationship between the Fortune 500 Company and the college in a video available here.

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Krasdale Foods executives discuss the success of College of Westchester graduates and how they play a critical role in filling positions in multiple departments, in a video available here.

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“These stories exemplify the academic success of APC member college students, and how the degrees they earn translate to careers in New York State,” said Donna Stelling-Gurnett, APC President and CEO. “The examples from LIM College and the College of Westchester are just a glimpse at the diversity in what our students learn, the students’ contributions to New York’s economy, and how APC member colleges connect graduates with opportunities in their field of study.”

APC students and staff will visit the Capitol on Wednesday, March 6 to advocate for continued support from the state legislature.

Did you know? Nine in 10 students who have graduated from APC member colleges stay in New York to live and work. For a look at APC student demographics, graduation rates, and financial support,  for a  Fast Facts one-pager.