On 2019 Advocacy Day, the Association of Proprietary Colleges Requests State Budget Resources For Continued Support of New York’s Hard-Working Students

More than 85 students and staff from APC colleges arrived at the State Capitol today for their 2019 Advocacy Day. College leaders highlighted the needs of APC students, their success and on-time degree graduation rates, and shared stories of local business executives who rely on these students to fill critical positions every day.

APC member colleges strive to provide their more than 26,000 students the opportunity to achieve educational excellence by delivering access to a range of degrees and ensuring higher education-related debt remains low.

In the 2017-18 academic year, average tuition at APC member colleges increased less than two percent, and provided students more than $95 million in institutional aid. This has supported student success, including 7,670 certificate, associate, bachelor, master and doctorate degrees granted by member colleges in 2017.

Additionally, 26.8 percent of students earning associate degrees at APC member colleges graduated on-time, according to the NYS education Department’s 2016 data. In comparison, just 18 percent of students at independent colleges, 13.1 percent at SUNY schools, and 4.8 percent at CUNY schools graduated on-time.

“Our students’ stories, experiences and successes are proof positive of the dedication APC member colleges have to the personal and professional growth of our students,” said Donna Stelling-Gurnett, APC President and CEO. “We are requesting the State Legislature support their path to higher education achievement, which has been fueling the economic vitality of New York’s diverse business landscape for decades. These students are New York’s next workforce, and it is our responsibility to ensure academic excellence, access, and affordability is provided to all.”

APC commends Governor Cuomo for his efforts to work to improve college access and affordability in New York, including past actions that have allowed students attending APC member colleges to access TAP and ETA.

For a look at APC student demographics, graduation rates, and financial support,  view a Fast Facts one-pager.